Booking Options

We understand that no two events are the same and so although the line ups below are most regularly requested, they are by no means exhaustive of what we offer. Because of the nature of the ‘Great American Songbook’ the tunes which can be performed by the solo pianist are in many cases exactly the same as the quintet or larger ensemble.Our flexible approach means that we can add and subtract musicians in line with your requirements to ensure that your event is a complete success and enjoyed by all. Just get in touch so that we can understand fully your requirements and we will be more than happy to offer a bespoke package tailored specifically to suit your event.

Solo / Duo / Trio

This size of ensemble is perfect to provide music at a background level, which is clearly audible, however does not interfere with the lively conversations taking place between family and friends or colleagues.The musicians have honed their skills over many years of playing hundreds of corporate, wedding and military events, where the ability to play low level swinging music is essential.

The band creates a relaxed and classy atmosphere which greatly enhances the enjoyment of any meal or drinks reception.


This is one of the most versatile sizes of ensemble! Still perfectly at home playing at background level as described in the Solo, Duo, Trio section, but with the additional instrument or vocalist, the quartet has the ability to perform a fully blown Jazz gig to any size of audience.This ensemble is perfect not only for functions such as corporate, wedding, birthday and military but also as the main evening’s entertainment at any jazz club, restaurant, venue or bar, providing a full concert for all music lovers.


The Quintet is the perfect choice where a larger ensemble is required that are able to play all of the famous Swing Standards from Sinatra to Ella Fitzgerald and very much more.Now that Michael Buble has re-popularised the ‘Rat Pack’ repertoire along with Rod Stewart, Robbie Williams and West life, this is the perfect time and ensemble to entertain any audience in that style, through to more modern ballads and bossa novas from the likes of Nora Jones and Diana Krall. Great for listening and for dancing alike the band can tailor the repertoire, tempo and volume to suit your requirements fully.

Larger ensembles are available on request.